Basket Random

Basket Random

Basket Random, where basketball is combined with surprising spontaneity! This is a unique sports game that will take you into exciting and humorous matches. But wait, don't think that everything will go according to the usual rules. Here, spontaneity is key, and you can encounter everything from huge balls to strange situations appearing on the field.

The Detailed Gameplay

Playing Basket Random is not simply about scoring but also an unexpected adventure. With each match, you won't know what will happen next. The ball can turn into a ball of fire, and the field can narrow or expand, creating unique and fun situations. You will control both characters at the same time, almost always in continuous swinging motion. This is what makes the game's physics fascinating. You can adjust the direction of the character to jump or you can also rely on the swaying direction of the two players to make the movements you want. Actually, it won't be very accurate, but let's try.

First of all, choose one of two game modes: single-player or two-player. You can participate in single matches to challenge the computer or compete with friends in multiplayer mode. Your goal is to direct the characters to guide the ball into the opponent's net. Each time a team scores a point, the round will immediately switch to a new round.

How To Play

  • In single-player mode, you just need to use the up arrow to maneuver your two players
  • If participating in two-player mode, the left team will use the W key, and the right team will use the up arrow