Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans is a fun sports game that replicates a basketball game with charming small beans. In this game, humanoid beans will be skilled basketball players. Do not underestimate these small players; they can score as well as great real-life basketball legends. Try to master the contest by controlling the ball from the start. Steal the ball first and sprint to the opposing goal. If an opponent is closing in on you, immediately pass the ball to your teammates. As long as you do not allow your opponent to take the ball, you will have a better chance of winning. Remember that you cannot win if you play alone; instead, strategize properly and work with your teammates to score goals. Learn how to make the ultimate 3-point slam that will elicit screams from the audience. Play the part of a brilliant bean in Basketball Beans now!

How To Play

  • Drag the mouse to move
  • Left-click to throw the ball