Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is a truly entertaining and mentally challenging game for lovers of skill and thrill play. Get ready to enter a fascinating and challenging world of absolutely accurate football throws. Players will immerse themselves in the world of basketball with a simple task: jump the ball over floating baskets and keep it from falling. With each basket you pass, you will earn points and the opportunity to progress further in the game. But don't let yourself be too optimistic too soon; this sports-themed game is not as easy as you think. Since the main entity's movement speed cannot be controlled, concentration is extremely important.

The special feature of Flappy Dunk is the subtle combination of the gameplay of the famous Flappy Bird and the basketball game. You not only need to keep the ball from falling but also try to get it through the basketball hoops to score points. This requires precision and good maneuvering skills. Players also have the opportunity to challenge themselves with increasingly difficult levels as well as try to achieve the highest possible achievements. You won't know how great your limits are if you don't challenge them!

How To Play

Your ball will tend to dive if the key is not operated. You just need to use the mouse click button to make the main object bounce. Note that you can only go to the next basket if you successfully put the ball into the previous basket. A missed target will also cause your round to end.

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