BasketBros is a fun yet dramatic basketball game. You will participate in uncompromising basketball matches, where the ultimate goal is to win the world championship. Each round will only have a certain amount of time. You need to score more goals than your opponent to become the winner and move on. Each match in this game typically takes place at an extremely fast pace. You can choose to participate in diverse ways. Practice rounds, quick matches, or an international tournament can satisfy you. Let's clarify their characteristics below!

Explore the Game Modes

  • Practice: Players can acclimate to character controls and gameplay in BasketBros' practice mode.
  • 2 Players same PC: A fighting round between two participants on the same device. Challenge your friends to have the most exciting experience.
  • Tournament: This mode will take you to a virtual world tournament. You will have the opportunity to meet and compete with famous players.

How To Play

  • Player 1 (the left character): Move with WASD and shoot hoops with the G key.
  • Player 2 (the right character): Move with arrow keys and shoot hoops with the L key.

Tournament mode is essentially a single-player mode. To maneuver the character in this mode, you can choose one of the two sets of keys above. To master the surprising situations in matches, you need to direct your players to move flexibly and continuously.

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