TapTap Shots

TapTap Shots

TapTap Shots is an arcade basketball game with simple yet addictive touch action. Show off your quick reflexes by shooting right into the basket!

TapTap Shots allows you to control your fiery ball with taps. You must use physics to get the ball into the basket appropriately. When you first start, you could have trouble controlling the ball. The ball may travel too far to reach the basket or fall off the screen. To overcome this scenario, you must practice often to learn how to control impact force and speed in the game. If you lose, you won't be interrupted and can try again right away with a new ball. Try clicking one after the other to prevent the ball from falling. Before time runs out, attempt to score as many goals as you can to create a new TapTap Shots record.

How To Play

  • Left-click or tap the screen to hit the ball

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