Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball promises an experience unlike any other basketball game you've ever known. In this world, you will play a small character with a strong passion for basketball. In this challenge, your mission is to overcome a series of platforms and complex terrain to accurately throw the ball into a suspended basket. All you need to do is align the direction and force of the throw, and let your lovely player take care of the rest. This game requires extreme skill and improvisation. You need to adjust to create great opportunities to score points based on the ball's movements.

Explore the Unique Features

  • Blumgi Ball is a combination of sports gameplay and adventure on tricky platforms.
  • Sharp graphics with beautiful coastal views. Don't underestimate it, because this factor will make the experience more pleasant.
  • The game's rules are simple: you just try to hit the basket with the ball. These accumulated bonus coins will help you unlock new characters.

How To Play

The most important thing is that you must clearly understand the properties of special appearances on the map. Acceleration or deceleration bumps will affect the speed of the ball's movement, and cushions will change the direction. Players just need to hold down the mouse at any point as a fulcrum. Then, you move the mouse to align the throwing direction and drag it in the opposite direction to gain momentum. Finally, just release your hand and let the character throw the ball away.

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