Basket Box

Basket Box

Basket Box is a skill-based basketball game that tests your shooting and competitive talents. Join this fascinating game and play against dangerous opponents from all over the world.

Basket Box immerses you in a charming, handcrafted world of stunning pixel visuals. There, talented basketball players compete to be crowned champions. You will be put into tiny bouts with a variety of random opponents, and your goal will be to make more successful shots than them. When you first start playing, you may have difficulties controlling the character because it moves so clumsily. Learn to manage the ball more professionally and score the most spectacular points imaginable. You can even push your opponent down the cliff, but be careful since you may tumble off if you are irresponsible. Discover Basket Box now!

How To Play

  • Press the arrow keys to move
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up
  • Press the right mouse button to hold the ball and the left mouse button to throw the ball

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