Bouncy Dunks

Bouncy Dunks

Bouncy Dunks is a casual basketball game with basic touch gameplay that created a stir in the gaming community when it initially came out. The game contains no limits, barriers, or hindrances. Simply tap the screen to make the ball bounce and hop towards the basket.

Each level in Bouncy Dunks contains a countdown that needs you to score before the timer runs out. If you do nothing, the ball will remain on the ground, and you will be unable to win. This game has absolutely little complexity; the levels are repetitive, and there are few changes, making it easy to score goals. You only need to maintain stability and impact the screen to get the ball to jump towards the basket before time runs out. Simply try it, and you will be unable to stop until you have established a record without making any mistakes. Have fun with Bouncy Dunks!

How To Play

  • Tap the screen to make the ball jump into the basket

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