Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars

Are you ready to hurl adrenaline-pumping punches in Boxing Gang Stars? This fantastic sports game replicates a real-life boxing battle and promises to be quite exciting! Are you confident that you have the ability to defeat formidable opponents?

Boxing Gang Stars offers a 1-player or 2-player game mode to pick from. You can compete with friends in 2-player mode, or if you are alone, you can play against random opponents. The playing aims and mechanics remain consistent regardless of mode. To defeat your opponent, you must take advantage of every opportunity to throw fatal punches. However, your opponent is also capable of counterattacking formidable attacks. To defend and avoid attacks, make use of your agile mobility abilities. Let's throw powerful punches to knock out your opponents in Boxing Gang Stars!

How To Play

Single player mode:

  • Punch left with F key or left click; Punch to the right with the G key or right click
  • Move with arrow keys or WASD
  • Press T key to break guard; Press S key or down arrow to defend

2 Player mode:

Player 1:

  • Press the F key to punch left, press the G key to punch right
  • Move with WASD keys
  • Press T key to break guard; Press S key to defend

Player 2:

  • Press the K key to punch left, press the L key to punch right
  • Move with arrow keys
  • Press the up arrow key to break the guard; Press O to defend

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