Dunkers Fight 2P

Dunkers Fight 2P

Dunkers Fight 2P is an excellent sports game in which you can compete against opponents on the field. Enjoy the thrill of being a professional basketball player by stealing the ball, blocking opponents, and scoring maximum points. Rush continually and don't let your opponent gain any points!

Dunkers Fight 2P allows you to battle in single-player mode or compete with a teammate in two-player mode. You have no teammates, regardless of the mode you play in. Do not give up to anyone; steal the ball and demonstrate your ability. At the start of the match, aim to race to the ball to control it before your opponent. Then, while the opponent isn't paying attention, throw the ball into the basket and score. If your opponent steals the ball before you, you must do everything possible to prevent them from hitting the hoop. The game will conclude when one of the two players reaches the set number of points first. Play Dunkers Fight 2P to become a basketball star!

How To Play

Player 1:

  • Use the A and D keys to move
  • Press W key to throw the ball

Player 2:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move
  • Press the up arrow key to throw the ball
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