Infinity Golf

Infinity Golf

Infinity Golf is a skill-based game that progresses through more difficult off-road golf stages. Spread your passion for sports by completing all of the game's demanding stages!

You will play golf in a variety of beautiful scenery, including mountains, icy mountains, and fascinating deserts. Your goal is to hit strokes so that the golf ball lands exactly in the hole with the red flag. Each time you play, you will have five opportunities to hit the ball, so try not to spend too much time striking the ball on one target. Even skilled golfers will struggle to hit the ball into the hole since aiming the shot to overcome all obstacles and reach the target in one shot is nearly impossible to achieve. Pay attention to the wind force when determining the appropriate force to shoot the ball at each level. How many points will your Infinity Golf record be? Play to find the solution now!

How To Play

  • Drag and hold the ball with the left mouse button and release to shoot the ball
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