King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing is an appealing sports racing game in which you compete for speed against adorable, cuddly animals. Fill up your vehicle, hit the throttle, and let the race begin!

When animals organize a racing competition in the forest to identify the best driver, are you prepared to compete for the championship? As a brave little monkey driving an appealing red racing car, you must enter the competition with tenacity and refuse to give up. The goal is to outperform all opponents to reach the finish line; hence, speed is essential in this game. Try to avoid colliding with other opponents because doing so will cause your vehicle to crash and slow down. Don't miss the gas stations along the way, because if you run out of gasoline, you won't be able to finish the race. Race now in King Kong Kart Racing!

How To Play

  • Control with arrow keys

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