Puper Ball

Puper Ball

Puper Ball combines soccer and difficult running gameplay to provide you with unique and appealing sports experiences. To succeed in each level, you must deftly dribble past disruptive robots and trick the goalkeeper doll. The primary purpose of the game is to get the ball into the net, so as long as you succeed, you will win the level and unlock new levels. However, before you arrive at your objective, make sure to gather all of the money piles along the road, as you will need this money to purchase more games. Prepare to confront progressively challenging challenges in the coming stages as wicked robots arrive more frequently to thwart your success. Also, don't forget about unique goods like shields and magnets to help you win. Are you ready to beat Puper Ball's levels?

How To Play

  • Hold down and move the mouse to control the ball's path

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