Return Man 1

Return Man 1

Return Man 1 is an agility sports game that requires you to perfect your rugby skills. Set on a realistic field, this game replicates tough battles with opponents who will do anything to win.

Your mission in Return Man 1 is critical to your team's success. At the start of the contest, you must swiftly catch the ball and run toward the opposing team's field. Your opponents will undoubtedly do everything they can to prevent you from succeeding. Don't worry too much, though, because your teammates are always around to help pave the path. To win, cleverly dodge your opponent's pursuit and successfully return the ball to your team's court. Have fun with Return Man 1's spectacular combat!

How To Play

  • Press I key to run forward, J key to run left and L key to run right
  • Press the spacebar to continue playing

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