Soccer Random

Soccer Random

Soccer Random provides enjoyable 2-player soccer matches that you may play with your friends. Control the puppets to professionally kick the ball into the opposing goal. It's time to spread the love for soccer!

Prepare for the ultimate soccer field battles in Soccer Random; you won't be able to sit still! These soccer matches are contested with ungainly puppet players, necessitating skilled operators. You can only try to score by jumping at the ball. Get close to your opponent from the start to control the game and prevent counterattacks. To score points, seize the opportunity and deliver strong kicks into the opposing goal. To win each match, you must score 5 points against your opposing team. Explore exhilarating matches in a variety of stunning field environments, like the beach, city, ice rink, and even under pristine snowy skies. Let's play Soccer Random now!

How To Play

  • Player 1 presses W to jump up
  • Player 2 presses the up arrow key to jump up

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