Super Liquid Soccer

Super Liquid Soccer

In the game Super Liquid Soccer, you will join a visually stunning virtual world filled with elite matches between professional players vying for the World Cup. If you are concerned because you do not grasp the rules of soccer or how to handle the game, do not be. Try it out, and the game will walk you through the steps before you start the actual tournament.

Super Liquid Soccer provides fascinating simulation action that is identical to real-life soccer matches. You will thoroughly understand the sensations of dribbling, passing, long-range shooting, heading, and even exhilarating free kicks. This game will captivate you, whether you are a football lover or not, thanks to its stunning graphics and distinctive character design. Now, head to Super Liquid Soccer and begin discovering interesting game types now!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys or arrow buttons to move the players
  • Press P key to dribble, M key to pass the ball, L key to shoot long distance, and the J key to shoot or head
  • Press the Esc key or Pause key on the keyboard to exit the match

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