Toon Cup 2022

Toon Cup 2022

Toon Cup 2022 is an amazing football simulation game that takes you on a vivid field filled with charming superstars from well-known cartoons. Engage in exciting cup clashes between exceptional players using one-of-a-kind interfaces.

Toon Cup 2022 allows you to morph into any renowned character from popular animated films such as Ben 10, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Gumball, Teen Titans Go, and several Indian films. Another statue. Are you ready to uncover unique soccer matches that you have never seen before? As with most sports, the game needs players to use their skills to score goals and handle the ball well on the field. Pass the ball to your teammates, steal the ball from your opponents, and capitalize on opportunities to score goals for your team. Choose your captain, create your own dream team, and participate in Toon Cup 2022!

How To Play

  • Control movements with arrow keys
  • Press SPACEBAR to kick or pass the ball

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