Rugby Run 2023

Rugby Run 2023

Rugby Run 2023 is a thrilling sports game that tests your abilities through agility-running gameplay. With a thrilling rugby-based gameplay system, your goal is to overcome dense player obstacles and successfully get the ball to the finish line.

In Rugby Run 2023, getting to the finish line becomes more difficult than ever. You will begin the race with 10 points, and you must keep them to cross the finish line safely. On the journey, opponents have built locked walls to impede you, and you must choose a player with a lesser score than you to defeat them. Pay heed to the drinks and energy bars sprinkled along the road, since they will boost your score swiftly. Be wary of players with high scores, as they may rush at you to weaken you. So, are you still able to win Rugby Run 2023?

How To Play

  • Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to control

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